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Peirush Abarbanel


For the first time in 500 years, the commentary of Don Yitzchak Abarbanel on the Torah and Prophets has been painstakingly and exactingly translated from its original Hebrew into another language. This is not a super-commentary, the opinion of some modern writer as to what Abarbanel said. This is Abarbanel, in his own words, merely rendered into readable English.

His references to other writings are now clearly cited. His famous question and answer style is preserved, each question cross-referenced with its answer.

The first two (of three) volumes of Bereishit, two volumes completing Trei Asar, and the complete Books of Joshua and Judges, are available on Amazon now. The complete Book of Daniel, and the rest of Bereishit are in progress.


See the Abarbanel page under the Books tab in the menu bar above.



ALL YOUR BRETHREN,FORTY DAYS ON TERROR ISLAND, and RETURN OF THE MARSHAL are out now, others coming soon. See the Novels page under the Books tab in the menu bar above.

Rabbi Hal Miller brings Torah works to the English-speaking world, novels with morals, works on computing, Torah viewpoints as applied to the modern world, and a weekly parsha sheet (under Blog) from the beautiful Golan in northern Israel and Memphis, Tennessee.
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- Abarbanel's commentaries on Daniel and the rest of Bereishit are in progress. A few portions are available in Free Downloads under the Books pulldown menu above.

- Abarbanel's commentary on Trei Asar, the Twelve Minor Prophets, (2 volumes) is now complete and available on Amazon. See the Abarbanel page for details.

- New novel is out and available on Amazon, RETURN OF THE MARSHAL. See the Novels page under Books.

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